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A 355nation (CCP) presented by

Project Name
How To: Remove Instrument Cluster

Project Description
You will need this to swap out gauge overlays, change needles, paint trim or any mod to the cluster itself.

Skill Level

Project Vehicle
Make: GMC
Model: Canyon
Year: 2006
Engine: 3.5L
Power windows: Yes
Sun Roof: No

Tool Needed
1 screw driver with replacement bits - 1 Torx (T10) bit and one Socket (7mm) bit -OR- 1 Torx Screwdriver and a Socket with a long extension (6"+)

Project Time
10 - 20 minutes

Project Cost

Step 1: Start by removing the cluster surround. This piece is held onto the dash by ~4 metal clips on the back so it should pop off with a small amount of force.

Step 2: Once it is off, you will see the four screws holding the cluster to the dash.
There are two on the bottom as seen here:

Step 3: And two on the top corners, one of which is pictured here:

Step 4: Once those screws are removed, carefully slide the console out of the dash. There is a single wire that is plugged into the back. Remove that by pushing down on the top portion to release the clasp, then pull the "handle" to the left. This will pry the plug out of the housing, enabling you to remove it completely.

Step 5: Once the cluster is out, you can remove the clear plastic cover. There are seven (7) clips that hold it to the plastic surround for the cluster. Three across the top, two on each side, and two on the bottom seen here:

Step 6: To remove the plastic surround from the cluster itself, flip the cluster over and look for the five (5) torx screws on the back that bolt the two pieces together. There is one on the top center, two on the top corners, and two on the bottom seen here:

Once the screws are out, you can pull the plastic surround off and do what you want.

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Re: How-To: Remove Cluster

FAIL! go get more.
Eh, lazy. At some point I will :lol:
How? dropped em back in the dash while re-installing? Next time use either a magnetic tipped screw driver or even a piece of gum to hold em on the screwdriver.
I know, I was in a rush and just kinda used what was easy to find at the time. Yeah, once they fall back there you're kinda fucked unless they found their way to the ground haha

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Just took my stock one out and put an extreme one in and I didnt have T-10 screws. My 05 had 4 7mm screws

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thanks man! when I bought my cally, there was some smugges or something on the inside of the window. I gotta get that stuff its hard to see the numbers. eventually I am getting a custom cluster board but I like messing around anyways.

good right up I'll let you know how its turns out, or how many screws I lost....
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