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How to: Replace Door Lock Actuators for under $100

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Project Name
How To replace door lock actuators for under $100

Project Description
This how to will show you how to remove and replace your broken/stuck door lock actuators

Skill Level

Project Vehicle
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Colorado
Year: 2005
Engine: 3.5L
Power windows: Yes
Sun Roof: No

Tools Needed
10mm Socket, Ratchet, Torx bits/drivers, medium phillips screw driver, door panel removal tool

Project Time
20min-1.5 hours depending on how many you replace

Project Cost
about $75 with shipping

I bought my Colorado and it had only two working door locks and after seeing how much it would cost me to get new ones I just about had a heart attack. So I did a bunch of research and found some alternatives for my dilemma. I turns out that the 1999-2005 Lexus GS300 uses an actuator that is just about identical to ours in every way except color. The one on the left is the Lexus one and the one on the right is from my Colorado.

So once i figured that out I had to source them. I purchased mine from an eBay seller named reach_autoparts. I paid about $18 each at the time. I ordered 2 of the rear left and 2 of the rear right. Just make sure and confirm you order the 2 Pin actuators.

Ok now that we have our actuators and our tools its time to get to work. First we need to remove the phillips screws in the door handle cup as well as behind the door latch handle.

After those are removed take your door panel removal tool/spudger/flat head screw driver and work your way around the door and pop all the panel clips out and away from the door. some of them will put up a fight but they will come loose. If you happen to lose any or break any you can pick up more at your local parts house(my local Autozone has them for about $5).

Now that door panel is free make sure you disconnect any wires or plugs so we don't have any problems and so we have enough space to work in.

Now peel away the rain barrier. NExt take your 10mm socket and break loose the two bolts behind the rain shield, then take your Torx bits and remove the three mounting bolts in the door jam.

Next you can remove the door lock/latch assembly. you may need to move the rubber window channel out of the way to get it out far enough to handle. The rear doors put up a bit of a fight.

Now remove the plastic cover from the actuator, and disconnect the cables and wires. There are also a handful of small Torx screws around it that need to be removed.

Once the old actuator is removed simply install the new one in the reverse order of disassembly. Just be careful with the thin wire that pulls the cable for the lock, you can install it backwards. just take a pictures before you take it apart and you will be fine. Once you are finished take that money you saved and have a few beers and enjoy your fresh new door locks.

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Awesome info...this will probably be the nest doo-hickey to fail on my truck. Thanks!
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