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The community here at urges you to please use caution and seek professional assistance when performing modifications to your vehicle. Before attempting any modification it is advised that you refer to your Colorado or Canyon service manual or contact a certified mechanic as not all GMT355 trucks are the same. The staff and the associated members are in no way responsible for any damages, injuries or other harm inflicted to your vehicle or yourself which may result in attempting these modifications. The posts and content presented on this site reflect in no way the views of or it’s ownership.

A 355nation How To presented by

Project Name
Door Pin Replacement

Project Description
how to replace worn front door pins

Skill Level

Project Vehicle
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Colorado
Year: 2004-2012
Engine: N/A
Power windows: N/A
Sun Roof: N/A

Parts Needed
(1) – Dorman part # 38409 (one per door)

Tools Needed
Angle grinder with cut off wheel or Hacksaw
deep socket 10mm or larger
large socketed torx bit (or something similar)
10 mm socket & ratchet

Project Time
1 hour or less

Project Cost
About $20 per door, I got the pin kit from RockAuto for $14cnd.

Step 1: remove the door side of the door hinge, this will require a 10mm ratchet/wrench

Step 2: cut off the flared end of the old pin with an angle grinder or hacksaw.

Step 3: remove old pin from the hinge by pressing it out with the vise.

Step 4: Install bushings in the hinge (hammer them in gently)

Step 5: Inset new pin and press in with the vise.

Step 6: Press in the upper part of the hinge in using the vise (sorry did not take a picture of it) leave a small gap to allow for movement.

Step 7: Work the reassembled hinge to loosen it up a little, took a few wacks of the hammer to loosen it up at first.

Step 8: Re-install on the truck.

Notes: Check that the pins flared end fit in the original hinge, in my case the bottom pin fit perfectly but I had to open up the hole on the top one a touch to have it fit. I could have gotten away with only replacing the bottom pin as it was the one that was bad, but decided to do the top one too in order to make this How-to.
The new pin will be stiff for a little while.
Enjoy your non-sagging door


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