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hello, this is my first post. ive had my gmc canyon for about a month now and have already began work. thankfully i'm working two jobs and my parents are unrestrictive when it comes to my truck and me.
I have lights out under the window and lock switches on my 04 crew cab and plan on replacing them when my polk audio speakers arrive. i ordered the regular green incandescent lights from this thread:
before purchasing these bulbs i went to local gm and they said the only way to replace the bulbs would be to do the whole unit for some $130 and that the bulbs themselves were sodered and couldnt be replaced.
so my question is how difficlt is it to swap these bulbs and what are the steps from anyone who has already done this?
sorry for spelling,,tired

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the dealer was trying to screq you
the bulbs are replaceable if you take the unit apart, they twist out and can be easily replaced. Now where to get the replacements I'm not sure. I changed out Marks with some out of a spare unit I had laying around.
but if your did your research and already ordered them you should be fine.

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Hmm, LEDs the way to go there!

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I have done this, soldering in LEDs and RESISTORS

also has the bulbs if you want to just throw em in Super Bright LEDs - Instrument Cluster and Gauge Backlights

either way i will be doin a how-to shortly
The best way to change the lamps is with LEDs and resistor arrays, I have done many door switches and I can tell you the preassembled lamps work in some but not all applications. I wasted money trying these pre made lamps that xronox keeps saying will work. THEY WILL NOT Work for some of the door switches,
they won't work for our clusters nor the hvac panel. Get you a few LEDs and resistors from c-leds and follow the how to for the headlight controls. Then solder the assy's into the conductive surfaces. If the led doesn't work then simply remove it and change the polarity.

In addition each switch has a colored lens affixed into the plastic. This lens is colored light blue so you have to overcome that color. That lense color will affect the color and intensity of the replacement led color. Red and blue work best.

Just trying to save you some money and time. If your going red then the cheapest route is red incandescent lamp lens covers see thread below.
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