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Hoy hoy hoy

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Beautiful afternoon today so I stopped on my way home from work to snap some shots of my daily/new work horse. I sold the truck over the summer and getting a new job and my commute changing from 5 miles to 35 this car is just what I needed.

This beautiful piece of machinery is a 1998 Honda Civic EX with just about 146k miles and is packing 1.6 liters of japanese fury with a manual 5 speed transmission to rip through the gears in that VTEC powerband and his name is E-HONDA.

It's not the prettiest car but I'm working on that part, runs amazing and hasn't gotten fewer than 35 mpg in the summer and 30 in the winter.

The car is lowered (of course) with Truhart 2.5" springs and struts and the ride is great. Not bad for $300 for the whole thing. Only other modifications are upgraded speakers and a kenwood radio. I do have a roofrack for my bike but was removed this weekend. Other then that, I may want to go a little lower and some mesh wheels.

Enough talking, here's some pics.

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Hell, I'd rock it for that kind of mileage. My dad bought a '94 hatch off a guy from our church for $25 a couple of years ago. Got 40mpgs everywhere. Ran it till the headgasket went and scrapped it. Best deal ever!
I've had a few Hondas and I love them and really miss the easy upgrades and awesome gas mileage
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