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Ideas on hiding front frame w/ body lift

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im ordering a pa 3" body lift, wanting to go up a lil more than just a tb crank and shackles, im looking for some ideas on hiding the front frame where you have to cut the front valence, i thought about just cutting off the frame and welding in a filler, or put a light bar over it to help the look, just wanting to get some fresh ideas on the matter
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When I did mine you couldn't see the frame that I remember.
idk if it was just the angles of the pics ive seen but some looked like the frame was completely exposed and others didnt look that bad but if i can find a way to do it without cutting my valence that would be the way id go, still have to fab up some brackets for my brush guard too but looking for some ideas and thoughts, maybe even extending the valence and fiberglass it
U only have to cut it for the tow hooks if I can remember.
if thats the case ill just take off my hooks, ill probably just have to get it on and see what it looks like
The frame horns are not exposed that much with a 3" body lift. The bottom plastic valance of the bumper will have to be trimmed but I wouldn't worry about trying to cut them or hide them. Far away their hardly noticeable. I just spray painted mine black and called it a day. Some pictures to judge by.

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clean truck and thanks for the pics, i decided to go with a 1.5" body lift for now but looking forward to the end of the summer for a rancho and 35's
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