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Idle issue please help

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Hey guys, so I have a 2008 gmc Canyon wt, 106000 4 cylinder manual trans. About 3 weeks ago I had the problem of my truck idling way down when coming to a stop or turning slow (neighborhood streets) sometimes dying completely. So I did some research, cleaned my throttle body and mass air flow sensor and that problem was solved but here comes the weird part. Now when I'm completely stopped it ideas normal. But if I'm coasting in nutral or coasting with the clutch in it spikes to 2000 rpms and stays there until A) I put it back in gear or B) come to a complete stop. If I'm coasting at 2mph it's at 2000 rpms if I'm dead stopped, normal. Why would this happen? I've checked all my connections, no vaccum leaks, no air leaks.
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How well did you clean the throttle body ? Did you reset the trucks computer?
I cleaned it to where I could eat off of it. Both sides of the butterfly. And I did reset the computer by pulling the fuse for the pcm and disconnecting the battery
And I've put 100 or so miles on it hoping it would maybe re-time itself
How long you take neg cable off for ? Might need more time to reset pcm.
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