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Inevitable GMC Canyon Denali spotted testing

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Practically every other model in the GMC lineup already offers a more luxurious Denali option, so why not extend that to the Canyon midsize pickup? It's hardly a surprise to see the brand doing just that, especially since the standard model seems to be proving quite a success.

This Canyon was recently spied testing wearing camouflage over its front end. The truck still needs to breathe, though, and the opening in the obfuscation makes it quite easy to spot the Denali's chrome mesh grille, rather than the horizontal slats of the standard model. Also, just peeking out of the bottom part of the masking is the lower air intake, which appears to be completely lined in chrome now. At the sides and rear, the styling is identical to the current look of the pickup, at least for this prototype.

While our spies didn't snap any shots of the interior, it seems safe to anticipate the usual Denali upgrades there, including better materials and additional tech features. Of course, expect a bump in price at the same time to pay for the improvements.

source: Inevitable GMC Canyon Denali spotted testing


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Nice find Rich, still not sold on the new design tho :shrug:
I really wish GM would nut-up and put a bigger engine in ALL Denali vehicles. The Acadia and Terrain Denalis are not worth the extra coin, and I'm somewhat doubting this Canyon will be either. The Yukon and Sierra at least get the bigger engine option...
so they need to test the extra chrome and the grille?
maybe v8? :naughty: or the diesel

so they need to test the extra chrome and the grille?
maybe v8? :naughty: or the diesel
^^ Ok I'm not the only one thinking that
That with a 6.0 would be the bee's knees. Mmmmmmmm
Maybe they're testing the sliding rear window that isn't available yet...:shrug:
Quit talking about V8 options. I don't want to hear it and get all weak sauce for a new one!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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