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My '07 Canyon crew cab Z71 leaf springs were sagging. With a bed cap and a load of camping supplies it needed serious help. I didn't want to install new leafs so I went with the Firestone Ride-Rite helper bag kit. Installation was straight forward and took me between 3-4 hours. I wasn't in a hurry. There were no surprises and everything went in just as it should. I soaked the jounce plate nuts in penetrant for a day and used air. I live in NE Ohio and we use salt. Luckily, no surprises there.

Here's a few tips:

1. remove the spare tire
2. use a t-handle hex wrench with a rounded head. trust me on this!
3. don't use an air junction T. leave them separate so you can adjust for the "chevy lean"
4. you might have to slightly nudge the brake lines out of the way
5. safety first, use jack stands and eye protection

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