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Introductions, of sorts... (Forged/Turboed 3.5L)

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Finally got some things squared away while I'm off working crazy hours in Texas and I can start working on the truck again.

Here's a little video I made for the truck. Been wanting to make this one for a while now:

Truck will be sporting a full factory Xtreme kit with an SS front bumper and Cal-Vu mirrors. The hood will be a carbon fiber piece from VIS racing and the roof is recieving a one-off carbon fiber insert that will fit betweent he factory rain gutters. A Leer tonneau cover will be given a custom treatment of carbon fiber and paint.

Suspension will be QA1 adjustables in front, Z85 rear springs with billet blocks and QA1 shocks. Belltech sway bars front and rear will keep the body roll in check.

Brakes are going to be from Wilwood while the wheels are 20" Bonspeed Malibu 6's.

The interior is going to recieve some changes in the way of new door panels, center console, iPad and additional equipment from Hertz/Audison.

The engine will be rocking an STS turbo kit with intercooler and super modulation efan. The transmission will recieve billet servos and Royal Purple synthetics. The rear end will be beefed up and will also recieve Wilwood brakes.

Want to thank the Wolfpack and SSK for their continued support, as well as my friends at and Auto Radio Stereo in Sacramento for all their help and support thus far.

This is going to be a project where we can develop new products for the 355 and show their performance in the real world as well as on the showroom floor. This truck will be driven, beaten, and bruised constantly and is the ideal platform for a performance oriented 355 truck.

I hope everyone enjoys it and will be on the lookout soon for some new gear for the 355. For those interested, I'm always looking for new shops and companies to work with who have a passion for the hobby and want to develop new products to help both their business, and the community grow. If you are interested, please feel free to send me and email or PM and I will reply ASAP.

Thank you.

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Re: Introductions, of sorts...

It will be interesting to see how competitive you can be against some of the more expensive buiilt trucks. I wonder if they plan to hold any of these events in the midwest this year or next.
Re: Introductions, of sorts...

Now that you mention that I think I remember seeing that. I think it was in september. I wonder if it is open to all engine types or if that one will be ls powered trucks only.
Re: Introductions, of sorts...

What tires are you going with for the new wheels?
No shit right!? I think it was a big mistake on JE's part. I'm gonna put money down that the measurement from the wrist pin to the top of the piston is off by .050" which isn't much obviously, but it's certainly enough to be a pain in my ass.
.050" is a ton when you're making a precision component like a piston. That's a major fuck up on their part unless they were given the wrong dimension for rod length, stroke, or deck height.

With modern equipment they should easily be able to hold that length to less than .001-.002" of what you ask for. I can typically hold tolerances tighter than that on precision components that weigh more than a truck, that come in all kinds of awkward shapes and sizes. When all they do are make pistons it should be a cakewalk for them, so somebody fat fingered a dimension somewhere.

Just keep in mind if you take material off of the deck the timing chain is going to have to take up the slack, so the tensioner will need enough room to make up for it or you'll need a shorter chain. If you take .040" off the deck that will mean the chain or tensioner will have to account for an .080" difference.
410whp @ 6200rpm
I believe on a stock setup the wrist pin is oiled by a hole that runs up through the connecting rod. Did the aftermarket rods have that?
Yes, it's on the top of the stock rod. I don't know that that would make much difference or not.
I just got $80 for one of those at the scrap yard. :kiki:

I drilled a hole through the side of one of the cylinders near the bottom of where the piston travels and it's thicker than what you see on the bottom lip. It's most likely stepped at the bottom.
I didn't measure it, I was just wanting to make sure it wasn't as thin as the bottom lip. If I had to hazard a guess maybe .100" or .110"? :shrug:
Honestly for the Throwdown it would seem that more power won't help you much if you're inexperienced with the truck. It will be easier to drive that way, and from the numbers I've seen from the past competitions the big hp trucks don't hook up anyway due to traction issues that I would assume are from a lack of track prep. I would say that your goals are reasonable and as you get used to the truck you can start turning it up.

Regardless of what people like to say on the internet most people with builds like yours don't go balls out right out of the gate either.
I think it was out last month because I'm pretty sure I've had that issue for at least a couple weeks.
I want to see what the 295/45's look like. I would really like to switch to those eventually on my truck.
I just want to see what they look like on the truck. I'm running a completely different wheel setup than you but to me my tires look too short and I regret not going with something taller.
If you intend to do a lot of road course stuff you might want to look into a power steering cooler as well or you may end up eating some pumps or even losing power steering mid run.

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