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Introductions, of sorts... (Forged/Turboed 3.5L)

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Finally got some things squared away while I'm off working crazy hours in Texas and I can start working on the truck again.

Here's a little video I made for the truck. Been wanting to make this one for a while now:

Truck will be sporting a full factory Xtreme kit with an SS front bumper and Cal-Vu mirrors. The hood will be a carbon fiber piece from VIS racing and the roof is recieving a one-off carbon fiber insert that will fit betweent he factory rain gutters. A Leer tonneau cover will be given a custom treatment of carbon fiber and paint.

Suspension will be QA1 adjustables in front, Z85 rear springs with billet blocks and QA1 shocks. Belltech sway bars front and rear will keep the body roll in check.

Brakes are going to be from Wilwood while the wheels are 20" Bonspeed Malibu 6's.

The interior is going to recieve some changes in the way of new door panels, center console, iPad and additional equipment from Hertz/Audison.

The engine will be rocking an STS turbo kit with intercooler and super modulation efan. The transmission will recieve billet servos and Royal Purple synthetics. The rear end will be beefed up and will also recieve Wilwood brakes.

Want to thank the Wolfpack and SSK for their continued support, as well as my friends at and Auto Radio Stereo in Sacramento for all their help and support thus far.

This is going to be a project where we can develop new products for the 355 and show their performance in the real world as well as on the showroom floor. This truck will be driven, beaten, and bruised constantly and is the ideal platform for a performance oriented 355 truck.

I hope everyone enjoys it and will be on the lookout soon for some new gear for the 355. For those interested, I'm always looking for new shops and companies to work with who have a passion for the hobby and want to develop new products to help both their business, and the community grow. If you are interested, please feel free to send me and email or PM and I will reply ASAP.

Thank you.

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Re: Introductions, of sorts...

I'm going to start things off in the engine bay, with the turbo kit and efan. Moving from there will be the body/paint. Then the fun part of the suspension, and lastly the interior will be revised a bit, but nothing MAJOR.

I want to use this truck as a platform and test bed for new products for the 355 twins. Things like brake kits that dont cost an arm and a leg and 50-state legal performance products. Value for your dollar parts to make the ultimate modern 'muscle truck'

I'm all about giving back to the community and those that help me even in the slightest bit. What parts we can fab and what labor we can perform in the driveways of the 355 Nation, will be done that way. For the community, by the community, because that's waht this hobby is all about.
Re: Introductions, of sorts...

Thanks for the positive feedback guys. I'm going to start ordering parts next week. Firstly will be the turbo kit, and a fuel system kit from OTTP. I plan on running the same setup Josh has because I shouldn't be running any more power than he is going to once the S/C is done.
Re: Introductions, of sorts...

Actually went in reverse order from what I thought.

Ordered the injectors and adapters from OTTP this morning. I was originally going to order the 60# Siemens fuel injectors, but thought about it for a moment, and for just $20 more, I can ensure the option to run E85, so the upgrade to 80# Siemens injectors was a no brainer. If you guys are looking to upgrade your fuel systems, OTTP has done alot of the leg work for us and will make your upgrades as easy as possible.

Fuel Systems

The intercooler I'll be running is a Treadstone TRV1259 aluminum air to air unit. It features cast aluminum end tanks, 2.5" inlet and outlet ducts, and high grade aluminum construction. It can support up to 500hp worth of air flow, which is far more than I will ever need.

I'm also going to run an in-line, frame mounted oil cooler from Allstar Performance. This is just one of those "Might as well" pieces. Is it necessary, or even the best solution, no, but it will be easy to install in line with the STS oil pump and should help keep the oil as close to factory temps as possible. It will help ensure a long life for all my internals, turbo, and greasy bits. If this unit can't drop the temp enough, I'll be picking up a larger, more efficient piece from Fluidyne and mounting it infront of the radiator next to the intercooler.

Also ordered a new square tube transmission crossmemeber from Dallas Hot Rod Parts (DHP). For $119 shipped, its hard to beat as far as price. We will see what the quality is like once the part arrives, but knowing Mike, it will be a killer piece for sure.
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Re: Introductions, of sorts...

Haha, I've been around a while buddy. It was more an intro for the project.

I'll be ordering the rest of the turbo parts in 2 weeks when I get paid again. Trying to fight the temptation to put it on my card lol
Re: Introductions, of sorts...

I ugh, fixed it ;)
Thank god I'm working all week next week or I'd have too much time to think about it and I'd probably just do it lol
Re: Introductions, of sorts...

Not that you're biased or anything lol
Re: Introductions, of sorts...

They are. The pic in my sig was a test piece that was sent to me without a background.

I don't have a particular deadline for everything, but I'm hoping to have the funds to finish everything by the end of the year, then bringing it together one weekend at a time.
Re: Introductions, of sorts...

Talked with SQuires Turbo Systems this morning. I'll be ordering their Universal Single Turbo System and a selection fo charge piping a week from today. I'm really looking forward to seeing this kit in aciton. It should prove a potent combo.

My fuel system upgrades from OTTP showed up a couple days ago. Seimens 80# units which will set me up to run E85 and support the output that I have projected for the motor.

And for those wondering, I'm dropping the truck off on the 30th of this month for the beginning of fabrication. This should be one hell of a time, and I'm looking forward to working with all the talented bodies we have here on the nation, and others who have yet to become a part of it.
Re: Introductions, of sorts...

Can't wait. I'm excited, and poor Jonny has his work cut out for him. It'll be OK. He shall be greatly rewarded for his efforts as soon as I return from Texas (permanently).
Re: Introductions, of sorts...

Argh! Looks like I'm delaying by two weeks for the drop off, BUT, fear not, for there is still work being done on the 30th!

We're having a mod meet at the_wolf's den and this thing is going under the knife :D
Re: Introductions, of sorts...

Decided I want to go for the Truckin' Throwdown event next year. Hopefully I can bring the truck to a level to be entered and competative.
Re: Introductions, of sorts...

So a couple of you know that I'm off in Texas, 1500+ miles form home, working 60+ hour weeks right now. I flew home last nigth for a small vacation (Dad and I go to the NHRA drags in Sonoma every year) and you'll never guess what was waiting for me when I got home :D


Billet handles from Stylin' Trucks

Treadstone Intercooler

OTTP Seimens 80# injectors and adpter harnesses

On the phone with Squires Turbo Systems (STS) as I write this. We're ironing out the finest details of the kit that's headed my way. :naughty:
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Re: Introductions, of sorts...

Door Handles & Covers - Tri-Hole Billet Door Handles By All Sales

They're nice too. Haven't installed 'em yet. Probably this weekend.
Re: Introductions, of sorts...

Got a txt message from my brother that made my day (Especially considering I've been feeling like shit all day) Just waiting for the very last part to show up and we're under way.

A BIG thanks to Squires Turbo Systems (STS) for helping me through the process and putting together a custom made kit just for me :D

Also, thanks to Over The Top Performance [OTTP], Supermodulation :supermod: and especially Sinsity Kustomz :ssk: and the Wolfpack for their continued support.

For those wondering, a fellow member is doing most of the fab work for me while I am working here in Texas and I want to thank Jonny Vico for his time and commitment to this project. This build is going to be about the community and by the community as much as humanly possible.


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Re: Introductions, of sorts...

I will if I can. I'm stuck out in Texas for work for the forseable future. Ron is giving the handles some Sinsity Kustomz love and I still need to get a set of color matched handles.
Re: Introductions, of sorts...

let me know when you want me to start on that custom center counsole you were talking about to hold that bottle of lotion and box of rags
Just gimme a heads up when you're done using them and that DVD you borrowed :thumbup:

<3 you Corey :D
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Re: Introductions, of sorts...

Well, because I haven't updated in a while due in part to working my usual 60+hr work weeks, but I also don't have much to report. Jonny is hard at work getting things going and I'm sure he'll have most of the fab work done very shortly.

New 60# injectors from Over The Top Performance (OTTP) just arrived at the house. I've decided to run the truck on 91octane for the time being. I will switch to E85 at a later date.

The guy who is always coming through in a big way is The_Wolf. Sinsity Kustomz (SSK) is playing a HUGE supporting role with the project and Ron is hard at work figuring and cutting some really unique and custom pieces for the truck.

Soon to come after the turbo is done and tuned, a Supermodulation SFAN4500 electric fan, Dallas Hot Rod Parts (DHP) transmission crossmember, and more.

To hold you guys over, here's the obligatory cell phone teaser pics of the turbo and intercooler :D


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Re: Introductions, of sorts...

Well, what we did was we started with one of their universal kits that they offer and went from their, using as many of their own components as possible. After everything is done and tuned, I'm going to be talking with them about getting something available. What little I've been able to talk with them about it, they seemed interested barring the outcome of the build.

Again, we expect that the truck will make somewhere in the neighborhood of 300rwhp on 6.5psi. I estimate that the turbo will have to make close to 9psi at the turbine, 10psi tops. It shoudl spool crazy fast too thanks to mounting it a bit mroe forward than most STS units which are much further back.
Re: Introductions, of sorts...

Haha, like a game of 'operation' gone bad lol
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