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Jack's "will it ever be done" build

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Bought the truck ~ 2 years ago. Didn't touch it for a few months, finally got my old rear bumper and headache rack mounted (bumper was off a C60 dump truck that I shortened) and I built the headache rack myself.

Rocked that for a few months. Then got started the beginning of lifting. Got 3.5" zone offroad combo (t bar keys,AAL 1.5" BL) still on stock 225/75r15 master craft highway tread. Built a from bumper. Threw my topper on for the winter and built a roof rack to hold some 50" led lights.

That august I wanted more. Got the rancho 4" 255/75/17 treadwright gaurddogs (thanks to a few guys on here that I saw them) dick cepek torque rims.

Later that year ~March I wanted 35"s I thought I could clear them so I regeared my front diff to 4.10s picked up a 98 isuzu rodeo rear end with 4.10s and disk brakes.

Before I even put the rear end in I thought "if I already killed 2 racks and 2 hubs, 35s will slaughter everything that moved" so SAS I go.

Found a 76 k5 front Dana 44, Bought the sky s10 sas kit, tocoma shock hoops, Yota ifs steering box, rancho 44044 springs for the front. Blistens up front, fox shocks out back with SOA rancho shackles and zone AAL. McNeil fiberglass (to stay legal) 37/12.5r16.5 Goodyear military's and summit black 16.5x 10? Rims WORD OF ADVICE FOR PEOPLE DOING A SAS. Get all your parts before you start hacking. I waited months for parts. Oh and if you do use a 98+ isuzu rear end
I found a conversion kit to run reg gears on pirate 4x4. Running 4.88s which I ran into another problem, using the right carrier

Got ifs out in a day. Welded hangers in next day. Wasn't bad as I thought it was gunna be. Got steering set up. Gas tank crossmember hacked and reinforced. SOA. Bedcage. Filled in my front bumper more. Kinda looks like an iron cross bumper now.

Next plan is paint. I'm thinking new holland blue single stage paint. Down the road like next summer ish, 5.3 swap. Got it priced out, >>4k for everything if I do it myself. Also looking into linking front and rear with king coilovers.

I'm sure I'm missing a lot. I'll try to get pictures on here. Mean while if you have an Instagram I have a lot of pictures on there @JackBrose
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Aww man, you need pictures here!
Interested in your linking plans for the rear (setup)
Is there anyway to post more than 1 picture at a time from an iPhone? My GPU I think pooped the bed on my computer. Have zero idea how to flip pictures :(


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Here's another picture


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