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KC MEET-May '10

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I'm trying to get a date setup and at this point in time I think we could meet at either Buffalo Wild Wings or Hooters in Independence MO. The date of the event could be either May 8th or May 9th. We can eat lunch, take some pics, do a cruise and hit the road. Any ideas, let me know.
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So I just found out today that the Car Show mentioned above is happening on the 8th. The event starts at 10am and goes till 3pm. There will be free food, no entry fees, dash plaques to the first 150 registrants, no assigned parking, how-to seminars and a craftsman tool chest giveaway, also multiple gift certificates for craftsman tools. The event is at Noland Road Baptist Church in Independence Missouri, if you have any questions contact Ken Lee the organizer for the event at 816-356-7019. This is a great show and its free! Also after this event I will be going to the bass pro show that is also free, directly after this. So if you have any questions about this event call the number I listed in this thread or PM me! Also contact me and I will tell you where we are meeting to cruise into this event all at the same time.
import faceoff is the 2nd... in kc....
??? what is that?
hmmmm. Sounds very tempting but I think I'm going to pass on this one! But are you all down for the show on the 8th?
might not be able to make it but ima still try
I'd be down to come to a cruise in ks/mo, im in oklahoma.
I'd be down to come to a cruise in ks/mo, im in oklahoma.
Sweet man, PM me and i will get you some details on this meet.
I used to live close to tulsa, Eufaula and tahlequah. Haven't been to t-town tho since 09 DB Drag world finals. Good show did you go?
Hey guys, so we are counting down the days until our meet. PM me for directions on where we are going to meet if you are really interested in this meet!
Sorry RSHADD nobody showed up!
Any of you guys interested in St. louis meet in about a month? August 14th? P.m. me or 07coloradoblk
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