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heres the details on the meet. thanks to richard for sorting it out.

DECEMBER 12, 2009: 12:30 PM
-------AT --------
After chillin at the lakes, we are going to Tims mothers house for Richards cookin and the rest of the meet
3825 West Wendover Drive
Baton Rouge 70814


1)blkrado- Dennis
2)csharp- Caleb
3)rtmsu_02- Richard and Katy
4)willyb7- Willy
5)swamp_rat- Cody and Kayla
6)LowradoNla- Tim and Tracy
7)red lifted guy- Blake
8)azonic13- Cody
9)Commondude- Kevin
10)Rockeycityrado- Rob ***maybe***
11)504Rado- Cody
12)Nimz- Clint ***maybe***
13)Stealth_Canyon- Joseph
14)captrab- Clint ***Maybe***
15)captrab- Cody and Deb
16)Coloradokid08- Troy (ithink) *Maybe***
17) Filli57- Ahston
18)yellowcolorado21 - Troy
21)collyondubs-scott (for a little while)
22)notsosane-billy ***maybe***
24)carmax ***maybe***

Hope everyone comming to attend the meet has a nice and safe trip. Some of you are comming way out your way just to come hang out with us and i cant express how much we appreciate you guys comming down. I believe this meet will be kick ass!

For out of staters, after crossing the Louisiana state line, WHAT OUT FOR THAT FUCKIN POTHOLE!

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if we want some purdy pics we can take some there and shoot over to the bass pro (or cabela's, which ever is by the mall) and take some pics with the pond in the back.

i want some hooters with my truck, might take one home lmao!

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haha u kno the ole lady doesnt consider u a member of the nation. said it seems like we hung out with u alot :lmaop: i told her she needed to share whatever she was on lol.
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