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leaf springs problem

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The previous owner of my 2006 chevy colorado had added a leaf spring. I was getting tired of the stiffness it gave my truck so I decided to remove the extra leaf and add some shackles. Anyways, I started work on it today. When I was removing the spring pack on the passenger side the pin that aligns the springs to the axle broke in half. This pin looks to be one with the axle. I'm not sure though. I would appreciate any information on this. I think I may be boned.
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Nah that pin can be replaced with a bolt. Sounds like it rusted to the perch. You'll just need to go to the hardware store and find a high grade bolt with that same diameter head on it and bolt together your leaf springs with it. You might try some Penetrating oil, pb blaster or some wd40 on that piece still in the perch. I'd maybe try drilling it out. Not sure if there is room in there to hit it with a punch and it just stay in there, but it's possible that there is.
Dorman makes spring center bolts of various sizes. Take the pieces to a local AutoZone or Advance parts store and see if they can match it up.
And if you have a shop around that does that type of work, or a place that does lift kit installation they should have a bolt lying around too.
5/16-18 cap head screw works every time and can be found at any hardware store. just make sure it is grade8 or stronger. ive put them on several trucks, including my own right now.
Haha now I feel like a complete idiot. Thanks everyone. I have figured it all out now
no worries, thats what were here for. were you at in utah?
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