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Lens Tinting....

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Anyone ever tried PDX Grafix lens tint on their light covers..... Interested in trying some of it but not sure if it is effective and will hold up.... Thanks in advance !!!!:salute:
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Lamin-x and be done!

5 year warranty ...I've had mine for 6 years so far an still going strong
What shade of Lamin-X did you do? I'm thinking about getting Gunsmoke (second lightest besides red) some time

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Just out of curiosity.... Because I have had to wet sand and buff my headlight twice now due to oxidation. I'm assuming that tint on the lenses prevents oxidation to a point? I would hate to apply it and end up with the same condition on either the headlight itself or the film.
I doubt the headlight would get any oxidation with it on, and only thing I could see happening to the film would be peeling or cracking

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Thanks for the input everyone !!!
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