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Lexington meet?

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So what's up? Anyone?

I think jakeraleigh mentioned something about a Lexington meet in another thread?

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I might be able to make it.

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Just an idea. I didn't know if the other meet ever materialized or not.
No the other meet did not materialize. We could definitely get a meet going. Would just have to be on a Sunday.
Sunday's are cool for me.
:thumbup: Lets work out some dates and times and see what all interest we can get. Hell if no one else wants to show up. I can drive down and hang out for a minute.
I'm definately in man, Lexington is only like 40 mins for me.
Not far either about 20 mins or so. And depending on where we want to meet. We were planning a meet at Hooters which is at the corner of Richmond road and Man O'war. But where ever is fine.
I can do Hoot's, or Bdubs, or whatever. It's been forever since I've been to Hooters. It's really whatever everyone else wants though. As long as it's not sushi. Fuck a bunch of raw fish.
Bdubs would be cool if UK was playing, although it would be packed.
Yes it would. The only thing is they only have one game I think that is on a Sunday. Thats against FLA in March
Wow, that would be the one to watch too. Only it's in March. Fail.

Anyway, I'm down for whatever man. I think a Lexington meet would go over pretty well if people would actually show up and hang out for a bit.
My wife used to go to UK when we were dating and engaged, so Lexington doesn't seem so far away since I drove up there every weekend. This will be the closet meet I have ever been to and its 90+ miles away.
Hahahaha. This will also be the closest meet that I have been to as well. Only 30 miles from me.
So what do you guys think about timing? People have Christmas / New Years parties pretty heavy this month (wife and I have 3), plus Christmas shopping (which I have done NONE of), and spending time with family, etc so this month may not be a good month for a meet, but maybe next month?

It would be cool to get something going once a month, or even quarterly at Hooters or something.
I will keep an eye on this thread and see if the date and time works for me.
You'd better.

It's not a real Kentucky meet without you, haha
Yes it would. The only thing is they only have one game I think that is on a Sunday. Thats against FLA in March
UK app/schedule has that as Saturday Mar 9th at noon? could be a typo :shrug:

I don't see any Sunday games........BUT, Thursday (Day off) at Vandy Jan. 10th and thats a hell of alot closer for me :D

Sucks that all the Thursday games are always away for me. I love to watch a game a RUPP! There is no other arena tha I have ever been to that gives me the goosebumps I get there.
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