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Lexington meet?

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So what's up? Anyone?

I think jakeraleigh mentioned something about a Lexington meet in another thread?

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Ahhh 6.5 hrs is not that bad, come on down. :lmao:

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Don't know if I'll be making it or not, I've had a 100* fever on/off the past two days. If I don't get to feeling any better I likely won't make it.
Not looking good for me either. Plus the weather is supposed to be shitty with a chance of slush Sunday.

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Damn sorry hear that Josh...

Think this needs to be postponed as well. I have to work Sat night and the way this week has gone may not get out of bed till late. :) Something I never get to do. Plus as Mark said the weather is supposed to turn shitty.

But on another note I did talk to JakeReliegh the other day. Haha is was actually at the hooters. He has officially gotten moved to Richmond. Not sure if he has enterwebz access yet. But when we decide on a date and time. He would like to meet up as well.

Get well Josh.
Thanks man.

102* fever this morning, can't get it to break. I've been eating ibuprofen like candy. I really hope this isn't the flu, because I spent $20 on a fucking flu shot and I'll be pissed off if I wasted my money.
Hope you get to feeling better. Was looking forward to this, I had whatever it is that is going around a few weeks ago. So, I know how you feel.
I could probably come up with something, it will be a while though. Ive got vacation at the end of the month and then lay'd out the week I get back. So it would probably be at the end of April before I'm free.

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Anybody like to ride atv or side by sides ? Be fun to get a group and head to wildcat park or somewhere. I have a teryx for now until i get the funds for a rzr
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