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Ok this is where, for now, our brethren at the GM dealers are going to have to chime in, however, appears on paper to be a pretty straightforward swap.

A little background info for those not already looking into this:

LFX is the current 3.6l V6 Naturally Aspirated engine. It is slated to be the V6 option on the upcoming Colorado and Canyon twinlets.

LF3 is the twin turbo version of the same engine currently available in the Cadillac XTS and CTS V-Sport.

If possible this thread can serve as a starting point to start compiling data regarding this swap. Information that would be of a good place to start:

ECM model number in either the XTS or V-Sport Caddys (this way we can cross reference against the ECM in the Colorado when that information becomes available)

Part Numbers for the LF3 engine and any of its peripherals, such as intercoolers, MAP sensors (probably a 2.5 bar similar to the Cobalt SS) etc.

Basically as this information dump fills up I can organize it into some kind of structured post, but for now lets just get all the facts we have out there in one spot.

Go team! Break!
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