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Item: Custom made light mount
Asking Price: $280
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Willing to ship? Yes, see below
Condition of Item: On the truck for a year; great shape!
Description of item:


Had this up on kijiji for some time. Not sure if anyone here would be interested in it. You will need to add a longer plate under the mounting points on the box sides to prevent tearing (like what happened on my truck). Then again the 50" light bar I had installed wasn't exactly light, so it's up to you.

Comes as a solid unit, but the light mount tabs bolt onto the side, so you can also make your own but they are space apart right now for a 50" Rigid E series light bar. I can ship, but it won't be cheap and I'll wrap it with as much bubble wrap and Styrofoam as you are willing to buy on top of the shipping costs.

I'll either find a place willing to ship it like it wrapped up or a place that will want it wrapped up on a pallet.

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