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Lightly tinted tails

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I recently bought a bed to try and fix some rust issues, and these came with it. I don't like the tinted look, so I'm selling them. Asking 75 shipped to anywhere in US. First pic is w/out flash makes them look darker than they really are. 2nd pic is with flash, makes them look lighter than they are.

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Make offers, need cash for tires.
Can you take a pic next to a stock one? Just to compare them
I can tomorrow in the daylight.
No, I havent had a chance to take a side by side pic with stock lights.
I sent a PM about these a few days ago...
Sorry guys, I've been totally wrapped up in getting my new house started. I'll grab some good pics this evening, and answer PMs in the order they were received. Again, sorry for the delay.
Back up, no takers yet. Last offer of 60 shipped was accepted, but he ended up needing the harness more than the lenses.
Bump, need Kings Dominion funds for the kids!!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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