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Yesterday morning around 6am, came to a full stop by the goat farm, and took a picture of something I've never done before - 200k personal miles on any vehicle I've ever owned. In the past I'd get bored and trade for something different, not this time. I purchased Nag in October, 2008 from Don Ledford GMC, Pontiac, and Cadillac in Cleveland, Tennessee with 77 miles on the odometer. First time I've ever gone the (almost- paid off 2 years early) full term on a car loan too, usually trade off, sell, or wreck them waaaay before that.

It's been a love/hate relationship from the start. Due to GM's problems in 2008 and it's bankruptcy, I had all kinds of issues with warranty work, the 'new' GM didn't want to honor anything from the 'old' GM. Obama's 'If you like your warranty, you can keep your doc.. I mean warranty' didn't fly with the 'new' GM either. I've always felt the sheet metal was too damn thin compared to other manufacturers, buttdents all over Nag testify to that. I've rationalized that it wasn't Nag's fault her parents were GM so I haven't held that against her, I've also de-GM'ed her to the point she's faster, gets better MPG, and handles like a dream. As far as reliability, I take credit for taking care of her and giving her all the loving she needs. I also credit 355 Nation with providing the details and little gotchas this platform has in keeping her alive this long. I've only had to replace the transmission on her after the converter fell apart internally and it burned up at 164k miles. This 2008 GMC Canyon 2.9l still has the original water pump! How about that?



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