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So, I just ordered my lift kit and leaf packs.

As I crawled under the back of my truck (in my heated garage) I started looking at what rust remediation I needed to do pre-lift (and I have a curt hitch I was going to install too). The rust is extensive, and pretty bad. Going to treat with chassis saver after the rear bumper comes off, but the rust & road salt damage is pretty bad. Not putting the hitch on until the rust is dealt with.

Bad enough for one of my bump stops to crumble in my hand when I grabbed it, from rust and dry rot both.

I'm going to 5/8" U bolts also, and while my perches don't look bad, I wasn't sure if there was an aftermarket perch with holes for 5/8" u bolts or not. If not, anyone see issues with boring the holes to 5/8"?

I'm hoping someone knows the z71 rear bump stop part #, and the bolt p/n's to install them (I'm assuming the ones there are shot, just looking at them). I can't find the p/n on the nally auto site to save my life.

Advice on the perches is also appreciated.
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