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Looking for an h3 armrest

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i want to do the h3 console swap but the lid/armrest are so expensive, at least the only ones i can find... i also dont really want it in leather either... does anyone know if a colorado lid will work on an h3 console? or does anyone have one they would get rid of thats not over 100 bucks? or does anyone know where i can find one?
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I believe that the armrests will swap..with some modifications...or it may be vice versa....I had the same problem..the first one i purchased didn't come with a lid....looked forever to find one...ended up finding another wit lid for about 100 shipped .. if you haven't check Auto Parts Market
You still need the steering column surrounds and the connector for the brake transmission solenoid interlock.

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i was wondering about the brake switch.

and i was aware of the steering column surround. thanks tho
@rshadd i just looked at the parts you posted again.... are you saying i can do it without the h3 console? looks like you just go the stuff to cover it with a colorado manual transmission boot?
Yes. I'm not a big fan of the H3 console, though I do like the H3 leather padded armrest. The H3 console looks OK, but I just don't like the gap where it meets the dash.

The colorado console looks like it belongs.

There's more pics in my build thread (just click on my sig).

Here's how I did it...
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i see now, i found your how to on it, and its great of those guys to give you a hand with it.

i cant seem to find that bezel though for sale anywhere

i like the h3 console more, but it looks so far out of place, i saw a few guys fix that gap and if that guy ever finishes the h3 dash install theres always that option too
i cant seem to find that bezel though for sale anywhere
It's available from GM. You just have to special order it.
guess i'll stop by the dealer tomorrow and get a quote.

i'm trying to do this in the 250 to 300 dollar range.

looks closer to 400 with the h3 console
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