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Looking for new many choices!!

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Trying to figure out what tires to get on my 08 canyon 2wd stock 15s. Looking for an agressive all terrain, in 30x9.5x15. Whats yall's input? Greatly appreciated.:salute:
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I'm runnin the falken wildpeak a/t's on my 17's and love them. Price wasn't too bad and rated for
50k on the wear

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Goodyear A/T's are nice, come in big size's
Falken Rocky Mountain AT's over here in 33x12.5R15. They're the Discount version of the Wildpeaks. I've romped on em a good amount in rocky/desert terrain plus a lot of highway and they still look great.

Under $800 out the door with certs at retail pricing. Obviously yours will be cheaper since they're a lot smaller.
base model or Z71 model?
Those trucks come with different tire sizes.

You are asking for a specific tire size, however a 30" may not fit, or it may be smaller than stock.

Please identify your current tire size, and the stock tire size. Stock size is listed on the manufacturer sticker located on the driver door jamb.
Like my Goodyear Wranglers... But they are no where near that big... LOL
Cooper Discoverer Series...I have the A/T3, but there are other more agressive tread designs: Cooper Tire & Rubber Company - Light Truck
I had AT'S on my JEEP.Wanted a more aggressive look.Problem being more aggressive look is a mud type real noisy tire.WRONG! After a ton of research the Goodyear Duratrex.They look good,perform well. Big with a top down vehicle:Not noisy.1st picture is a NITTO AT.


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Hey @Jpuras27

How about an update for us to better help with your selection. You haven't provided enough truck information to provide a correct size option for you.

See post #5.
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