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Looking For Old/Used Door Speakers

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Hey I'm a relatively new member here and I'm wondering if any of you guys have any old door speakers that you don't want anymore because I want 4 for all 4 doors on a 04 crew cab. (My stock speakers are blown) If you wanna pm me we can talk about price thanks.
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IMO...stock speaker suck. You can get nice replacments fairly cheap @
if you really want stock ones i can crawl up into the attic and see if i can find mine, they were out of my 04 canyon crew cab
They are a cheap replacement actually. By the time you pay for a member to ship them, you may be able to get new ones.
GM sells them as individual parts, and are $20-$30 a piece. A small benefit to keeping stock, no custom work. I purchased brand new ones a few years ago from dealer. Then eventually changed the out when I felt ambitious.
yep mine all worked when i pulled them, just wanted to get some better performing aftermarket ones instead
I have 4 new speakers I'd sale Pretty cheap. Shoot me a pm if interested
$40/pair + free shipping: Kenwood KFC-G1620 6-1/2" 2-way car speakers ? also fit 6-3/4" openings at

So...for under $100 you can improve your truck's sound tremendously vs. going back to crap/stock...just an idea.
^ This. No point in putting in stock speakers, when aftermarket can be had just as cheap, and sound so much better.
If the op wants a simple install, stock is the way. It sounds like that is what he is after-simplicity.
He will have to tear apart the factory speakers or custom cut spacers for the rear doors. And not all brands are a direct fit into the front doors. I think Kicker fits the holes. My Polk does not fit the hole (hole is larger diameter).

Stock speakers work fine on a stock radio. Speakers rated too high on RMS will have lower volume and loose base response on a stock radio.
In my personal experiences, higher quality speakers on a stock radio are no better than equal to stock speakers. Maybe a tad more clarity, if anything. But the bass response on stock is typically far superior (again in my experiences).
Wow thanks for all the info guys! Hey Iceman do you think those 6.5inch speakers will fit my front doors? Cause I know they won't fit in my back doors.
Front are pretty easy. Some will fit the hole. Otherwise, some speakers come equipped with an adaptor plate. If the speaker does not you can purchase them from best buy. The plate mounts to the door to reduce the hole diameter and the speaker mounts to the adaptor.

Installing a 2-way is easier too, no messing around with the tweeter up high on the door.
And Crutchfield will supply the wire harness as well (no need to cut the wires that way).
Wow thanks for all the info guys! Hey Iceman do you think those 6.5inch speakers will fit my front doors? Cause I know they won't fit in my back doors.
They will fit...I installed 6.5" in front and rear (MTX = same set(s)), but you might need to make a couple of small modifications. Nice thing is Crutchfield supplies all the mounting hw and adapters needed for your install. If I recall, on the front, I had to take a tin snips and cut a couple of notches in the door brace. Nothing too just have to hold the speaker up in the opening w/bracket, mark and fabricate. To me, with the upgraded head-unit, my stereo's 1000x better now. Good luck!
Awesome man! Yea I just got a new pioneer headunit cause my factory delco one died a frustrating death. And tried to take 6 of my CD's to the grave with em!
But yea judging by the size of the holes where the speaker is in the rear doors I thought a 6.5inch would be too big, but hey if all I gotta do is cut some brackets then hell yea!
Yo Iceman thanks for the link I just ordered them! I'll let you know how they sound this weekend!
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