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so me and a couple of guys noticed at a show we attended this past weekend that there seem to be alot more touchy-feely type people these days. last thing i want on a expensive, well polished vehicle is finger prints or even heaven forbid someones ass leaning on it.
so for future shows, we have came up with the idea to build stanchions that go with our individual vehicles..dont know what stanchions are, heres a link - car show stanchions Photos
im here looking to see if anyone has any colorado parts that would come in handy for this.
hoping not to spend to much on this, maybe someone has a bad coilover, blown motor with a CAM laying around, maybe crank, pistons, valves, flywheel, coils, axle shafts, bowties, or any other stuff you think may be useful.
if you have anything, post up on here, or send me a PM
thanks for any helps ladies and gentlemen.
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