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Louisiana355 Chapter

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So I got Gerry to make us southern boys a lil chapter since we are getting alot of new members. Myself and Kevin(commondude) are the co-leaders so if you have any questions just ask one of us. Here's some info and how to join:

This How-to is just to get everyone up to speed on how the new Local sections work! :thumbup:

Borrowed this from Canyon08Z71...

So basically, the Local sections have gone unchanged. All they have done with this latest round of updates, is added the private sections. If you go into your local section, you should see the sub-forum at the top. If not, then you might not be able to see it untill you request and become approved to do so.

Now, some of you may be wondering...."What's the point?" and/or..."What was wrong with the way it WAS?" And I'll admit, I was asking these same questions, but received answers, and also some scenarios in which this new method will solve.

For example: here in the Mideast, we've had a few meets where people have driven from outside of the mideast to hang out with us. Draggin_az did it last July, and 1BadI5 is doing it this April! So my question was..."How can people outside of a group, see a meet that they might potentially be interested in attending?" This is one of the items the private sections can be used for, to plan the meets without outside interference i.e.; people whoring up your thread, or voting in a poll.

Once you decide among yourselves, you can then post the "official" meet thread in the regular section so everyone can see it and decide if they want to make it. Granted, draggin and 1BadI5 are extreme cases, since most people won't travel 8 hrs for a meet, but I'm just using them as an example. Maybe you live in a state that boarders 2 sections?

Also-for special cases like the Super Meets, where 75% of the people are driving from outside of the local area, mc will be creating a new place for those so we can all see them still. For now though, they still should be in the open, visible part of their local sections.

And like Gerry said, you can apply to any group you wish. It's up to the group leaders to decide if you actually deserve or need to be in there. You litterally could request and be approved to be in every private section, but realistically, that's not really necessary. I won't be applying to the PNW section, or the AZ section, etc. If you were possibly thinking about making a trip to a new section however, then that would be a good reason to apply. Just use your better judgement!

So, with all that's how to apply.

-Go to your User CP on the tool bar

-There'll be a "Networking" tab on the left hand side

-Under the Networking tab, there'll be another tab that says "group memberships", click on that

-That should take you to a new page that lists all the groups you can apply for. Just click "join" next to the ones you want to join and await your approval!

Here are all the different sections and their group leaders.

  • AZ Faction (South West) - Baackorado
  • Capital355 (North East)- 1BadI5
  • MidEast355 (MidEast)- JosueZQ8 / TimRado
  • NEC355 (North East) - Rsquires67 / Tjm276
  • PNW355 (West) - 2wenty2 / Turbo EJ

That should take care of this new system! Any questions, feel free to post up....:salute:
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oooh oooh pick me pick me can i join???
request and I will accept it
sent :D
thanx will.......i kno thats the best reason you will ever get :D lol
sent. my reason should compete with nimz lol

nimz are you going to the meet on the 27th? hope so cause id like to see your truck, lol
Which meet? I haven't kept up with the dates lately.
the one on 6/27 at about 2:30 at tanger mall in gonzales
ight willy I made my request, and because everyone else was giving their awesome reasons. I had to give a wild one too.
i requested 2, last nite. i gave the stupid reason
I sent a request guys...don't leave me hangin!
I sent a request guys...don't leave me hangin!
Alright so let me in too. Reason I gotta sweet Colorada LOL
you gotta request the top and apply :D
Accepted new requests. Jared has had the best reason so far lol
wtf was his reason??? :D
I said "Because this SOB has lived in Louisiana his whole life. I have been mudriding in mud holes two feet pat my nuts. Along with having sex on 4wheelers and chit!" something like that. lol
Definitely tops my unoriginal comment of "Cuz I live in Louisiana, dur dur dur" lol.
1 - 20 of 2797 Posts
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