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:salute:Welcome to the Official* Wheel/Tire Fitment Chart for LOWERED Trucks!:salute:
*By "Official" I do not mean endorsed (because it hasn't been), but it's all real data supplied by you - the members!
Thank You!​


I'd like to give thanks to a few people who helped make this chart happen. Without the contributions of you all, this wouldn't have gotten to where it is today! :355group:
  • @onelow1ton
  • @Skizzo
  • @rkj__
  • @GregDAP
  • @rshadd
  • Those who have helped share the data entry thread
  • And everyone else who contributed data to the thread
I hope that this will prove to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to lower their truck from here on out.

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All usernames on the chart have been updated with links to the corresponding post here.
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