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Both of my trucks are equipped with magnaflows. Love their sound.
I can never understand why they put all the effort into making a dual exhaust and don't make it a true dual with x-pipe on V engines. Your actually going to hurt power by splitting the exhaust in the muffler after a y pipe.
I love the Magnaflow on my 5 banger
The stock exhaust is not very manly. (Neither is watching the bachelor-Erica)

I can imagine a number of people will be looking for an aftermarket setup.

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Looks pretty schaweeeeeeet! I'm sure some of the new-generation Colorado/Canyon owners will soon post their exhaust install pics & vids.
I'm not a fan of the sound MagnaFlow produces. I had it on my 3.5 liter, but changed it to Flow Master. MagnaFlow sounds to Euro for my liking. Flow Master makes a nice low rumble that I believe a truck should sound like (even if it's a small 5 cylinder). Another thing I've noticed with someone boasting about "being the first" is the product is normally over priced and will be superseded soon enough with a better product at a lower price.Good job MagnaFlow. It looks nice. Many people like the sound. But there will be more out there soon enough.
Nice find Rich im sureMatt will be on that as soon as he gets his in
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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