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Welcoming New Members
First and foremost we want to welcome all the new members. In March, we had 238 new members join up and 190 new members joined up in April. That's 428 new members since the last newsletter was published. We seem to be averaging about 200 new members each month. It's pretty cool to see this site continue to grow and get better each month. Currently we have 6,742 members, of which 2,290 are active. There are quite a few of you that are viewing this as a guest and that's cool, but you should consider registering and participating. New members are what keeps this site fresh.

We encourage New Members to introduce themselves to the site in the New Member Introduction section. Be sure to tell us a little bit about you and your truck and how you found the site. We're all photo junkies, so If you have some pictures of your truck post them too. I can assure you that you'll get a overwhelming response from your fellow enthusiasts.

If you guys have any questions you can refer to the Official New Member Handbook.

Remember that all the information contained in this newsletter comes from your profile, so be sure that your member profile is accurate before you point out any inaccuracies.

Finally, if there's anything that you like to see added or have ideas on improving this newsletter, just let us know.

Hope you enjoy the newsletter.

March's New Members (238)

2011-03-01 mac_s, metz, kg4kpg, BuzcutNJ, maverickdave, mtndwlr, chazzie, Modlifetsi
2011-03-02 jfisherga, n737nc, TPGTeam, keepitstock, ksummers9, fixit1, Zcolorado71, bigbill, jordan??, flopper450r, mike6187
2011-03-03 Joe'sToy, 05_Z71, LAlowrado, nrad, tonyellowrado
2011-03-04 speed_demon, Gatorfooseball08, rejrichard, jeckert85, vacolorado79, chadarob30, Porttin16, Coloradopaul
2011-03-05 BDerrick, SuperIce, cavers01, Charles
2011-03-06 petey, 905hood, Danomac25, Different_DimensionzPrez, agatehunter, bguinee, 04redrado, noemyalcocer, mikeith
2011-03-07 thehkp7m13, combatcameraguy, nodeals, AZcarve, Ihaulelk
2011-03-08 Mattpulliam123, condog51, jonsson, canyonman09, callingcards, nazz60, Stubbs, Coreyray7, Conqu2600, Radrunout, traye3005
2011-03-09 Vegasxtreme, LuckyatVMI, Deanard, Lincoln, CH47DRIVER, lens20v, airillusionz, Berndt Toast
2011-03-10 cel3, pttrue, ChristoColorado, tacamo, BanksV8, kdbonline, mschleis, william mcqueen, Big_John
2011-03-11 ezdizzy, skowerpower, redeuce, Little General, Bobielon, 08colorado29
2011-03-12 bluerodo, redchaser00, zqv8, nitsuayzarc, 00silverado, fritzrr1104, xtreme43v6, MGeorge23, 10switchbox, Sosebee, antonioZ71, clester
2011-03-13 Chris'Z71, 1sttruckowner, thatoneguy, Jack4582, lucecr, face, lbush, cragar99
2011-03-14 chawk, void198323, jomicu, coyrado, Philth, tommydeee, Cabby89, Mirado
2011-03-15 rcorneli, 4wayMotorsports, drem.reeds, MeanJoe, GMore, Rocky, Johnny Boy, otis111, wdavis, gusnicolas
2011-03-16 clark_perez, Bancroft, marc-andre, Tslepebull, 2011LT1, kewlguyryan
2011-03-17 The Tick, bossdj02
2011-03-18 Xzerkzees, thuffy1, Boatnik, JayCizzles, Osider4Life, taviro, Natedog51, Sonoma GT
2011-03-19 05chevy, ozie, willm777, bryansong, K Dawg ONE, arcticbanana, spartan511
2011-03-20 z3406, chevyrac66, joeblue, KENT, skotheim
2011-03-21 Yuppers, jdjflores, RacerAV, 1stGenS10-355, paoutdoorsman, texan3302, wizeguy, fortytwoandrising, phatboy40, Shawn D
2011-03-22 cany0n, UberNerd, ozzyosburn, SWATINSTRUCTOR, Binyled, Schulte, jadatis, Skeer, unluckiestdeer, tofnlows10, Graham2990, pubzzy, kanner
2011-03-23 SamB3, pacepace, mikey d, brojams, Kerosene, Weaselballs
2011-03-24 klutch88, lbc562, Illusions, t8s355, dave666, RedRallyeZ, roberttedford69, FIREMedic619
2011-03-25 SpecialK1013, Zacklas1, dannyleee, 05redColorado, blackhawk86, kjbone10, miccbry, udamangum, KFarmsCanyon
2011-03-26 tompam828, BB144, burk53mi7292, sprknsn, inferno09, 04RedRocket, mShu7
2011-03-27 wiseace06, jdub62, terrible, tylerjanisch, luvreba, errplane, roharley, Z71Colorado, 760colorado
2011-03-28 rosalicious0323, counterbond, EM EHCH, 2011 v8, Morris 19, 83mike
2011-03-29 Breckej, CHRIS2010, Thecarguy84, begining2see, zero389, 07CanyonCrew, wake2blake, bradpittman, turbotoy
2011-03-30 bloodyromance, Junkermeierdk, DigEm
2011-03-31 TimTim08, jpresley, cnjsanchez, bjballar4189, I4Canny, brokenaxle, '05colorado, DC443

April's New Members (190)

2011-04-01 Dakota25, snoop93, vincentmapa, jjoet, noob, unitedfabworks, Pailover, isaidme, Shepp
2011-04-02 ZJBarney, katlynowens683, danstheman2k, Blaze, Bdcm1935, CJS5
2011-04-03 independent755, Sandman, K9 Mum, lewis_corn, locoxxx, WIV8, zocotito, Chevy29
2011-04-04 dbroussard1020, vettegofast, miagi, Codster, owe636, Escalarado
2011-04-05 Tpower17, Lone Rider, taylor2525, 1cdoughtie, Falsethrone, Colorado Coolaid, hawkeye
2011-04-06 [email protected], silverjim04, kertorodio, iKNOWaFATman
2011-04-07 Annagyijjk, B_Dawg1324, paulz71, Trini, KiDFaZe, whtlitning, trebkey
2011-04-08 Spower67, johnnyg
2011-04-09 erikgillette87, jbell430, xNASTYx, 1st class05colorado, heikkaj, furniturestores2, ZMonte85
2011-04-10 REGAP, VROBERTS, ezmo, Turbowind, monster666, den052, jamocamac, charrua6357, tink8908, BRADO934
2011-04-11 wondabread, Colorado Yankee, GhostORD, 972500, NoxImus, Pinkyman, test_account_registered,
2011-04-11 test_account_premium, Jax355, Dan Man, AlpineRider23, clr_67, KSz71
2011-04-12 deputyjoel, Kwon, js12871, Naugsrado, ~(Colorado Z71)~, Slammed04ram
2011-04-13 reece_nos, Beaucanada68, joelhspencer, LatchbiT, chad508, onecoolfirefighter, spiderstoolbox
2011-04-14 s.bair, baggedrado1523, chester
2011-04-15 C&BP, Marauder79, clarence1948, bigbarr, FredLame
2011-04-16 Lawson, Lager, Color Me Bad, Luci Fur, Trey3, iamjoe101, MattyHarsch, Scottgmc, bigbluechevy2, gscranman
2011-04-17 loudnlowdus10, cdelazzari, dwruger98, 07vred2.9, freakondubdueces, mdbaird76
2011-04-18 lowchevy08, Mort Neff, Bitsmasher, 1HI4BY, bugsdaddy128, PJ516, wireman134, 06bowtieon20's
2011-04-19 eransbottom, Durstee235, jboss128, CanadianCanyon
2011-04-20 pewterliftedz, john12121, dobent4, fdholli, MPAYNE, Courierado, SJ99, e-wa, jimbob2121
2011-04-21 jlegge007, florida, TxMace, Ben_88, SofaKingAwesome, asthesun, sas coloRADo
2011-04-22 mwcbu08, Arthur81, Rado Newbie, monkeyshiner, kbeaver, WDEagle, HighDezertLifestyle,
2011-04-22 zachammer85, snyderusaf, josha37
2011-04-23 06lowrado, Bobby R, Portaguppy, greaseball, lightning
2011-04-24 Cassidy083, ZeroFactix, chrsmddx22, NorCalZ71, Jacob777, grahamgraham
2011-04-25 crfarrow, MR.BOOST, jckjones29, KaMi_21, unclejames1, 08slowrado2.9, Marcozr1, rortiz
2011-04-26 Mikey Lifted It, DaveGee, Bmrosty93, sadmemories20, jseigler1, t-bone, tjones29
2011-04-27 raulmeredith, hellbilly04, plated, lokalboy420, Ill_Rado
2011-04-28 monzorodio, donkeyjunk, crzaron, Lucky
2011-04-29 gentry45, k20tuned, lakeside888, TruckdUP, Z71/Z28
2011-04-30 05.Canyon, Joe A, mgebrosky16, rjgeorge, Rlindel1, rwilley

Site Changes
What's new on the forums.

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The app is designed to work exclusively with the AutoGuide network, so if you happen to frequent several of our forums, it will work on those as well, and you can easily jump between them. We do have plans to also release a free version of the app in the future supported by mobile advertising.

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How-To Forum Updates
The ever so robust How-To section has been overhauled by Brewer15650 and Supermodulation and updated with several sub-forums, making it easier to navigate to find that certain How-To. Check it out at How-To/Tutorials/Reviews/Service Bulletins

There were also quite a few updates in the Member's Technical Section (MTS). Here's a summary from the past few months in case you might have missed them.


03-02-2011, How To: Install 07 Grand Prix Seats, Presented By: beaver76
03-03-2011, How To Replace Your Reverse Bulbs With Headlight Bulbs, Presented By: Black_Rado
03-12-2011, How To: Change Carrier Bearing, Presented By: CUZICAN
03-18-2011, How To: How To: Replace your rotors, Presented By: draggin_az
03-30-2011, How To: Replace Front Shock Absorber(s) 2WD, Presented By: DustinJ88


04-06-2011, How To: Remove Hub & Rotor for 2wd Z85 brake change, Presented By: 07_ZQ8
04-12-2011, How To Service A Transfer Case, Presented By: rtmsu_02
04-16-2011, Review: krFab D-Ring Tow Hook Mount, Presented By: VTCanyon
04-23-2011, How To: Use Factory XM Antenna with Aftermarket Headunit, Presented By: DustinJ88
04-23-2011, How To Install BullMAXX, Presented By: ssgjurista

The Tech Area is a great place to find ideas and learn about new products for your truck. If you would like to share your custom mod or show others how you did a repair or modification, write up your how-to and submit it in the appropriate how-to section. All how-to's are reviewed by the Technical Staff Members (MTS) before they are posted publicly.

Have you tried a new product for your truck and want to share your options? Write up a product review and post it in the Product Review section.​

Local Meets

Check out the action from our local chapter's meets. It's incredible how these meets just continue to get bigger and better with age.
Did you notice all the meets that occur this past weekend? Even though winter is still in the air, the days are starting to warm up a bit and this gets us all anxious to get out and have some fun with our fellow 355Nation buddies. The warmer days can't come soon enough, but just because it's still a bit nippy out doesn't mean you can get out some meets and hang out their buddies. Even if it's too damn cold to work outside, gather at your favorite heated garage or eatery. We all like showing off and talkin' about our trucks.

Here are links to just a few events that have happened in the last couple months:

03/05/2011: Middlesex, NJ - Supermodulation Mod Meet

Photo Credit: 2004CrewCab

03/05/2011: Newport News, VA - Virginia Chapter Buffalo Wild Wings Meet

Photo Credit: draggin_az

03/06/2011: Tallmadge, OH - Steel Rivers Chapter: Summit Racing Meet

Photo Credit: skitz

03/08/2011: Mobile, AL - 'Bama Swap-n-Meet

Photo Credit: canyonbrian

03/12/2011: Pensacola, FL - Pensacola Meet

Photo Credit: canyonbrian

03/12/2011: Virginia Beach, VA - Virginia Buff, Shine and Mod Meet

Photo Credit: draggin_az

03/20/2011: Clarksville, TN - Breakfast / Photo Shoot & Mod Meet

Photo Credit: mwcky2204

03/20/2011: Azusa, CA - Socal Cruise and BBQ Meet

Photo Credit: jesse2005

03/21/2011: Cook Forest, PA - SRC Cabin Mini Meet

Photo Credit: jval

04/01/2011: Orange, CT - NEC355: Skunkwerks Super Mod Meet

Photo Credit: rshadd

Photo Credit: silver08colorado

04/02/2011: Delta, AL - 'Bama355: Cheaha State Park Meet

Photo Credit: filli57

04/02/2011: Troy, NC - Wheelin' at Uwharrie

Photo Credit: 4x4x4doors

04/04/2011: Pittsburgh, PA- SRC: Spring Polar Bear Swim Meet

Photo Credit: bykerbrad63

04/09/2011: Beaverton, OR - Portland Spring Wing Meet

Photo Credit: sparelink

04/09/2011: Austin, TX - TX355: Texas Super Meet 2011

Photo Credit: edvocho

Photo Credit: blueradoxtreme

04/13/2011: Fresno, CA - NorCal355: Challenge Meet

Photo Credit: DBNissan

04/16/2011: Huntsville, AL - 'Bama355 BBQ Meet

Photo Credit: pcream

04/30/2011: Roseville, MI- Michigan 355: Hooters Meet

Photo Credit: Minitruckin9509

Upcoming Meets
Don't miss your chance to get out there and attend a meet this year. Now that weather is nice, it's a great time to get out of the house and meet up with your 355 buddies. Odss are that there's a meet near you. Need an excuse to mod your truck? Need a reason to shine up your ride? Well now you have one.

Be sure and check out all of the upcoming meets for your area. There seems to be a mini-meet in the works no matter what area you are located. Can't find a meet near you? Consider planning one of your own! Meets are a lot of fun and great way to get to know others. Planning a meet? Want it promoted in the next upcoming newsletter? Just send me the details for the meet and I'll make sure that it is included in the next newsletter. If I've missed any up-coming meet, just let me know.

Here's a summary of all the up coming meets:

05/1/2011: Kapolei, HI - 3rd annual colorado/canyon cruise Hawaii

05/1/2011: Clarksville, TN - MidSouth355: Breakfast & Mod Meet at the Busted Knuckle Garage

05/06-08/2011: Indianapolis, IN - Mid-East Super Meet 2011

05/06/2011: Attica, IN - MESM Off-Road Trip

05/13/2011: Mississauga, Ontario - Square One Mall Meet Meet

05/14/2011: Bensalem, PA - PA355: Hooter's Meet

05/14/2011: Houston, TX - TX355: Hooter's Meet

05/21/2011: Sutton, MA - NEC355: Purgatory Chasm OffRoad & BBQ Meet

06/18/2011: Portland, OR - PNW355: Portland Meet

06/25-26/2011: Hampton, NJ - North-East Super Meet 2011

06/25/2011: Vineland, Ontario - Canada355: Oldies 1150 Cruz'n Niagara

07/23/2011: Oshawa, Ontario - OCSM 2011 - Ontario Canada Super Meet 2011

07/24-25/2012: Hillsdale, KS - USA Super Meet

08/05-07/2012: Carlisle, PA - Carlisle Truck Nationals

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2011-06-30 BEN D (65), MNMadDog, rphazen (52), Boony2, Perry (31), Tomwillfup (24)

Truck of the Year Contest
This year's truck of the year award goes to Blurred (Boyd). Simply put, Boyd's truck is incredible. It's clean, well thought out and very tastefully done. On top of that, Boyd is one hell of a good guy. He's always ready to lend a hand and help out anyone with help. Most of you don't ever witness all the good stuff that Boyd does "behind the scenes" to make this site great. He's a true asset to this site. It's comes as no surprise that he dominated the contest and grabbed 18.40% of the votes. Dents-n-dings (Shane) had a very respectable 7.76% of the votes for second place, and 1BADI5 (Jeremy) captured third place with 6.13% of the votes.

Truck of the Month Contest

March Winner: Jahrasta

Congratulations Micah!

April Winner: Jesse2005

Congratulations Jesse!

Also don't forget to do your duty as a member and VOTE in this months TOTM contest. There are always lots of awesome entries and this month is no exception.

Picture of the Month Contest

March: "Tracks" Theme Winner, rastok.

Congratulations Kevin!

April: "Tools of the Trade" Theme Winner, rshadd.

Congratulations Rich!

May: "Buildings" Theme.

A CREATIVE/ARTISTIC image displaying Buildings in any form will be accepted.

Enter your best BUILDING(S) image! The BUILDING(S) can be of any type of structure. Whether tall, small, big, short, partial, full, new or dilapidated. Entries will be accepted until 5/09/2011 @ 11:59pm Pacific Time. Any entries after that time will not qualify and this thread will be locked. The polls will open 5/10/2011 after 12:00am Pacific Time.

Don't forget to VOTE for your favorite "Building" picture after 5/10.

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Great to keep the NATION :355group: Informed :thumbup: Thanks RICH :salute:

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damn were some active motherfuckers!!!!
Tell me about it... I think that I spent the better part of Sunday just updating the meets section. I think this might be the most meets we've ever had in a two month period. It's good to see everyone out enjoying their trucks, getting to know each other and having fun in the process.

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great job rich :high5:

Tell me about it... I think that I spent the better part of Sunday just updating the meets section. I think this might be the most meets we've ever had in a two month period. It's good to see everyone out enjoying their trucks, getting to know each other and having fun in the process.
fo sho

the bama guys really tore it up

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Great newsletter Rich, I look forward to reading these when you post them.
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