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MESM 2015 Buy/Sell/Trade

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Most Have some sort of parts laying around.
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I will have a Red Xtreme grille, and 2 1.25" Wheel spacers to sell/trade
I Def have a bunch of crap to get rid of. I'll post stuff later
I have
1 set of manual yellow painted mirrors
1 ?sport blue? GMC tailgate
1 set of visors - rough shape but good for project
more to come
My wheels will be for sale if anyone is interested :D
I have a lot of stock parts for a 2.8 I also have some djm rear shocks and some bt front springs
Stock manifold
Stock rear leafs
Stock shocks and struts
And a few other things
It's a question but I'll put it here
Its for James @Supermodulation
Is there any chance of getting some tuning done here
Idk if I can wait til SESM but I will if I have to
I have.....

Chin spoiler x2 - 20.00 each
Aluminum bed extender - 50.00 - pending
Stock power mirrors textured - 40.00
New tailgate unpainted - 50.00
Tow hooks - 30.00
OME tailgate protector/spoiler diamond plate - 50.00
4 textured OE door handles - 25.00
2 Aftermarket textured rear Z71 flares - 40.00
4 center caps for 17" wheels GMC (like what is on my truck) - 10.00

I'm sure I have more stuff...... Check back before the meet!
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I have a rear bumper... Complete with wiring and brackets... It is OEM black painted... Near perfect... If anyone is interested... It is off a 2012 Colorado.... Thanks !!!
Zq8 small flares with small ding on right rear side 150

low profile cross member is a JTR replica buddy of mine made 3 i have one on my truck brother has the other one and i have this one for sale $50 and i want $100 for the no profile one

50 for crew cab box for 2 ten inch subs

door handles set with switchs for a crew cab 100 OBO

20 inch rims with tires 600 OBO

3rd break light 15

yellow tinted headlight 75 tint can come off and its chrome

LED tail with some wear on them. passenger side light wont come on unless you hit it. i got them used and last owner must have open it up before. to fix the problem. i dont have time to fix them so i bought new ones. i looking to get 40 obo for them as is

stock tails 30

tinted tail 35 h3 cluster face 15 and gas door with lock for 50

$20 for handle
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I'm bringing a whole truck full of stuff, and I've got some great cheap prices too. Hit me up at the show, cash talks.


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GMC Canyon grille $70.00
Colorado grille $70.00
Bumper and wiper cowl are sold


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Ralph when are you heading out?
Tomorrow morning 7 am, we will get to the hotel at around 12:00. Our hotel is two miles from the casino, so we are going there Friday night.
Ummmmm, Mr Ralph.....ummmmm, how little can I purchase those silver flares for? Sir?
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