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The Carolina Chapter is in the middle of making a new forum. We are having a meet in the middle of January. If you are interested contact me or visit the website. the location and date are not determined and will be based on the central location of all members wanting to attend. Myrtle Beach was a possibility. Chime in with opinions.. :355:

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Thanks to all who attended the meet this past weekend. I enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing the trucks. This was the first meet we tried 2 meets in 2 cities and it went very well. NC/SC is such a large area its tough to get one close to everybody.

pics from the Myrtle Beach SC meet on Sat:

NCrado, rusty, xtreme07

NCrado, rusty, xtreme07, getloworgohome, foxcraze

NCrado, rusty, extreme07, getloworgohome, foxcraze

The rain was not fun but we still had a good time.

pics from the Wilmington NC meet on Sun:

spyman8, rusty, xtreme07, foxcraze

at the store.

spyman8, rusty, xtreme07, foxcraze. thats fox hanging on the pillar of the other house:D

pulled for a expiered tag, by 2 days. Barney is on the job in Wrightsville Beach

hey Barney:moon:

found this at the beach couldnt resist

at the battleship USS North Carolina.

had to post this one from the Hooters parking lot

Thanks again guys for 2 great meets.

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lots and lots of fun.

and that reminds me.... SSPPPYYYFFFAAGGGGG!!!

good times.. good times haha
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