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This weekend we took the trailer out again with the quads and the guns and had a good time. Were only there for half a day but damn it was fun. Last time we went camping we were in the same area but across the road, I had wanted to climb the mountain but didn't make it up all the way in the quad.
Well this time I hiked the rest of the way :high5:

First shot is a panorama looking E/NE. Made up of 8 or 9 shots, I scaled it down though or your computer would literally be bleeding.

Next shot is of where we had setup camp. In the middle of the shot you will see my truck and my parents Envoy poking out of a couple of trees, and infront of them you will see a white dot which would be my parents shooting. In the background is the main road that goes through the area with a couple cars.

Next shot is my alarm fob, and yes I did arm it from up there :lol:

Next is a watering hole. We are basically on open land so there are some cattle around that frequent it I guess. I went to take a look and it is the nastiest greenest water I have ever seen. Breeding point for West Nile, I'm sure..

Next is this wide flat area by the watering hole. No brush so there is plenty of room to haul ass. This is the site of my first wheelie, and if you look close, you can see tracks where I made a bigass donut :lol:

The dirt road leading to the background lines the fence that marks the state land (which basically just means we can't shoot on that side IIRC)

Next pic is looking to the West towards I-10 and Picacho Peak. It's a little hard to make out the highway but you can barely see the cars peeking through some brush.

Last pic for now, is my associate Bob. He is here to try to get a feel for how you spend your day at work

I will post up more later, I am working on a panorama facing the other direction but the size of these pics is ginormous, it really takes a long time to put together a panorama that big.
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