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I have 2 10" MTX subs with a box designed for use in a reg cab colly, along with a 1000 watt Profile Baja amp.
Looked at brand new stuff, the amp costs 110 new, the box I bought was 75 (on sale), and the subs new are 50 a piece.
Asking 150, you pay shipping, for everything.
*Note: Your spare tools will have to be removed/moved from their stock location for this box to fit in a reg cab colly.
PM me if interested, cheers!:cheers:
10458940_10201896208527127_7563620470842015975_o.jpg 10482618_10201896209447150_100012390944058570_o.jpg 10507111_10201896210087166_572675148064486133_o.jpg 10733803_10201896214207269_7918172507702794566_o.jpg 10700608_10201896212367223_4077335759751893605_o.jpg
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