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My best AutoX results yet....but at a cost...

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Racing the nite series with HSCC, and I placed 4th (out of 14) in the novice class: Nite Series 4 results

but, there was a casualty:

I brace my left knee against the door in righthanders, and apparently I placed it there a little too violently. It happened during my fastest run, too.

you can hear the panel break at :51 in this video:
HSCC Nite Series 4, Run 3 - YouTube

crappy phone vid of my 2nd run that nite:
Autocross in the ZQ8 - YouTube
and yes I beat the elise. :D

and some bumper footage from the previous event:
2014 HSCC NS #3 NHS 727 - YouTube
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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