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Sorry for the slightly dark pics. Finished it late and took some quick ones. I've been working on this set-up for a while. It consists of Currie Johnny Joints in the forward leaf pockets. These are attached to a 2" .250 wall DOM tube with a thread insert. I took factory leaf spring plates and milled them out so they saddled on the DOM tubing. The off the back is a short piece of square tubing to provide solid support for the airbags. I removed one leaf from my ZQ8 springs and cut them to create a quarter elliptical set-up. While I had them apart I also epoxy painted them and installed UHMW tape to the friction surfaces for smoother actuation. The "centering pin was exchanged for a larger Allen bolt so the leaf springs are attached to the arms even without the axle. This also provided the perfect mount for the 1" blocks and JTR u-bolts.

So far, so good. It behaves like a very pliable radius arm system. The Johnny Joints are urethane lined and the rear shackles/leafs still use the factory rubber so I am technically isolated from the frame (Not so with the Cal-Tracs I had). A big pothole can upset the rear end but I think that is the case with any live axle car. Large obstacles that hit both tires are night and day better than the ZQ8 leaves. Traction is OUTRAGEOUS!! Although traction should be used lightly because now the V8 just abuses the Goodyears instead of wheel hop protecting them.

I still have a little tuning to do on it but wanted to share my slightly outside the box suspension. Hope you enjoy.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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