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My Kustom GMC Grille Pictures *Update 2-17-08

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Well some of the ohio/pa guys know that I started to do a custom grille towards the end of last summer. Well I finally got it back from my painter today to prefit the mesh.

Click to make pic's bigger.

I started out with a Chrome GMC grill from ebay....

This is what the grille looks like after you cut the center out. Notice missing sections on the sides where the gmc grille bars used to be..... *pic below stolen from for20 thanks

After I cut the center of the grille out with a dremel. I had my local body man fill in those missing sections for me and prep the chrome for paint.

2 1/2 inchs of depth......woot

I also had him fill in the little vent thing that is built into the ends of all 355 grills.

Here's a pic with the black poweder coated mesh grill laying behind the grill that I need to mount.

I will post a few more pics of the grill once I mount the mesh and test fit the grille on my truck. Once thats done I will have him paint it to match my truck.
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fucking sam. dig up a 2 year old thread.

but really good one to dig up. deff one of my favarite grills out there.
brewer pm it to me... hah. cudnt figure out how to mount
Who wants to do one of these grills for me!? I would take the brewer edition but the wolf would work too lol
101 - 103 of 103 Posts
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