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My new 85 s10 project!!!

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Its a POS I know but hopefully Ill get it up and running and looking nice!

Plans are to bag and body drop it then throw a 350 or 383 in it and then cut the roof off and make it into a roadster!
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LS based V8 swap or :gtfo: lol

I really wouldnt mind doing a s-series pickup project, maybe one day after I finish and sell my Z24
Did you say sell the Z24?????? :gtfo:
Did you say sell the Z24?????? :gtfo:
LS based V8 swap or :gtfo: lol

I really wouldnt mind doing a s-series pickup project, maybe one day after I finish and sell my Z24
hell no Im getting one of these.

I dont like all that computer controled crap.... at least for this build
Yeah a dime build will be cheaper or more budget friendly w/o computer controlled stuff!
nick let me know if your looking for a complete ls series setup. i can get motor,tranny, computer, and harness for under a grand usually
damn thats a great price! Thats something to consider for sure! Ill let you know when I gt closer to getting the engine. Can you get a T-46 transmission for cheap?
T-45? What's a T-46 used in?
Wait I bet you ment T-56. What bellhousing - ls or small block?
right now planning on a small block. Going with teh 383 so the bellhousing for a 5.7 l will work AFAIK.
K so you need one out of an lt1. I will see what I can find. I sold my extra one about a year ago. Sorry lol
how much do they usually go for?

They come in lots of cars.

T-56 tranns

Do they have any computer control to them? If so Im gonna look for something else. Im kindof wanting to keep this thing like a hot rod. All metal and no computer lol.
Also just found that the T-56 has been replaced with the TR-6060 that should be pretty similar so it should work too.

Really Im just looking for a manual that can handle up to 500 or so hp.
I know they were used in other applications. The lt1 version will bolt right up and work and its the most readily available. In the end if you find it out of another car your still going to have to find a lt1 bellhousing.

It has some computer controlled stuff but not really. Its has an electronic speed sensor and reverse lock out. I'm sure the reverse lockout would be easily bypassed. People use them all the time in carb'd hotrods

I got 500 for mine when I sold it. I think that was the going rate then. I needed it gone and didn't really care what I got for it. I got it for pennies
Its the torque that kills them. If you think about it they are very strong for a factory tranny. Mine is still stock and has almost 200k miles on it lol. Plus if you do rebuild it to make it stronger its like 1500 bucks and its is BOMB proof! People with the vipers are running 8's with them
nice. cool man this info is awesome! I was just looking for a manual trans and this one seemed the strongest. It should hold up to the 383 just fine. Im not really gonna hot rod it that much.... yea right lol

If you can find another one really cheap LMK!
Alright I will look around. It will hold up to the 383 just fine. Hey I have a bad ass head porter in my town if you looking for some head work. Ported vortecs or something

I did some reading on the 6060. Looks awesome but because of what its used in its gonna be crazy high in price
yea i figured it would be expensive but you never know what will pop up if youve got the time to wait.

The engine is probably gonna be one of the last things I buy. Im looking to get the tranmission and then I need to figure out what Im gonna do for a rear end before I can start bagging/body dropping the rear. Im thinking about getting a rear out of a newer S10 blazer with the disks but Dont know if itll hold up. Im trying to keep the stock bolt pattern since Im wanting to run vette wheels.

ny Ideas on what options I have for that?
Goto a junk yard and get the 8.5(I think) out of the newer zr2 4whele drive. It is wider. Has disks and you will be able to run a vette wheel with no spacer. And they are plenty strong for what you want to do. Buddy has a turbo lt1 in his dime and runs that rear end on the trans brake every weekend.
If they don't have disk then swap a f body disk set up on there. Easy peisy. I think that rear does have disk though
nice! My plans are pretty good then! I kindof just read up and picked things without much real info on why they were good. I was also reading about an 8.8 ford but that bolt patern is different. Hell yea thanx for helping out man!
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