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My new 85 s10 project!!!

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Its a POS I know but hopefully Ill get it up and running and looking nice!

Plans are to bag and body drop it then throw a 350 or 383 in it and then cut the roof off and make it into a roadster!
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Not a problem. I will keep my eye out for a trans
hell yea thanks man!
Whats up ladies!

Yeah I have had my fair share tonight!
Just a thought if you can't find a tranny within the time frame you would like. My buddy has a nv 3500 from a 4.3 s 10 laying in his driveway. It will bolt up to a sbc. Might break though lol. But just something to let you cruise it tell you find what you want
well this is a long term project. theres lots to do. Im not really set on any order since theres so much to do lol. Im actually giving thought to building a new frame from the fire wall back now. So If I do that itll take some time.

Im wanting to BD it too the doors but It may not get that fare since Im cutting the roof off and I dont want my head sticking out lol
Do it! I want to see those vette wheels coming out of the hood and over the bed rails!!!!!!
lol not gonna do that. Im sticking with 18s.
Oh well gonna be cool either way lol
Here is my 91 S15 jimmy project truck complete with TBI 350/aluminum heads and the works. I get 24 mpg on the highway with too. It's never really gonna be finished though there is always something I wanna do to it.
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lol yea I hear that. Truck looks good man! I like those alot too
Sorry I had to rub it in. I went out and found my t56 in the garage lol

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whats your address again? lol
Vroom Vroom. Hey heard this guy wanted you to buy his 383.
383 CHEVY street strip engine
meh thats a little high for my tastes Ive found quite a few on fleabay with around 420 hp for around 2000 brand new. The only thing is Ill need to buy an intake and carb, which will raise the price up a bit. Best thing is a couple of the companies are from dallas so I can save on shipping by picking it up myself. Thanks for the heads up though!
:( whatever
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