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My Project

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Well I started out with a stock 08 Colorado 2.9 manual. The things I have done to it so far are the supersparkz, ptb, super 44 muffler, Dual "ram" air intake ( 2 hoses that feed air from under the headlights through a crack plus stock air fender outlet), AEM dry filter, resonator delete, and truck bed cover. I will post more pictures later when I can take some. I want to do much more over the next few years when I have more money so it will be a long project! Here is a picture of my friend welding in the muffler for me:

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I installed the redline tuning hood struts. Not needed but its very nice to have!

From two weekends ago.
20170715_193153 by Jaymes English, on Flickr

Also, who can see my pictures? Do I need to use flickr for all my other photos?
I can see all your pics from the beginning.
Nice truck
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