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My Project

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Well I started out with a stock 08 Colorado 2.9 manual. The things I have done to it so far are the supersparkz, ptb, super 44 muffler, Dual "ram" air intake ( 2 hoses that feed air from under the headlights through a crack plus stock air fender outlet), AEM dry filter, resonator delete, and truck bed cover. I will post more pictures later when I can take some. I want to do much more over the next few years when I have more money so it will be a long project! Here is a picture of my friend welding in the muffler for me:

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Re: My Project (limeswap tune and color matched instrument cluster)

Fellow engineering student! We should really start a engineering student/alumni group on here.

Truck looks great by the way!
Re: My Project (limeswap tune and color matched instrument cluster)

Congrats! I graduate May 2017 (hopefully, 5 years in total school) for Computer Engineering!
Re: My Project (Eaton Truetrac)

Did you not have factory G80, or did you just want a TrueTrac?

Your video is private btw Jaymes!
Re: My Project (Eaton Truetrac)

Updated with video, it should not be private anymore.

It came with the open diff. I got the truetrac to help with overall driving in sand/mud/snow because my wifes mom lives in a place where those conditions occur and I've gotten stuck before. A plus is it helped a little at the drag strip.
WOW you roasted him off the line!
Re: My Project (Updated Pictures)

Glad to hear your kill switch project got finished up!

Damn, our little trucks kick ass on the track :lmao:
Re: My Project (Updated Pictures)

Haha They don't really do too much on the track except for the occasional stock vehicle. It will be a lot quicker when I put a turbo on it...It will probably be more than a year before that happens though. Ill make it look nicer since that has to be put on the backburner for now. I need a house and another daily to start the turbo build.

Since that is a long while from now I'm wanting to focus on aesthetics: different tails, new wiper cowl, a custom tonneau cover I'm going to make with a custom electromagnet locking system ( no mechanical linkage :naughty: ), coat where the tonneau cover will rest in white mostaliner (the paint wore some), restore the wheel well liners, debadge a little, touch up the frame and exhaust, etc, and possibly if I have more money (doubtful) get a cervinis hood. Maybe a few other things I can think of later on before the turbo.
Well put it this way:

Ford designed a car to be fast and sporty with a dohc v8 engine. GM designed our trucks to be the little shit child continuation of the s-series (that turned out to form our awesome community) with a dohc four cylinder (in your case). On paper that ford should have won, but our trucks are surprising like that :lmao:

Sounds like you have some fun plans coming up :) Looking forward to seeing that tonneau cover. I have one more project coming up (after the efan, valve cover gaskets, new spark plugs again, intake manifold gaskets, and a full check up on the top end while im that far in) that is kind of on the down low for the time being.
Re: My Project (Updated Pictures)

I thought your key lanyard was a huge rust scratch :lmao:

Good to hear that you are getting new tires though at a very good price!

I have heard good and bad things about Discount Tire.
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