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My Project

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Well I started out with a stock 08 Colorado 2.9 manual. The things I have done to it so far are the supersparkz, ptb, super 44 muffler, Dual "ram" air intake ( 2 hoses that feed air from under the headlights through a crack plus stock air fender outlet), AEM dry filter, resonator delete, and truck bed cover. I will post more pictures later when I can take some. I want to do much more over the next few years when I have more money so it will be a long project! Here is a picture of my friend welding in the muffler for me:

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@Jaymes how difficult would it be to build these for other members? Are they truck specific or would it work on any 355 given their axle hasn't been shifted forward/backward?

Did you do just a single ladder bar or two?
@Sudol94 check it out
I'm interested because it seems like a much better solution than what I'm running currently. However my truck is lowered around 4" in the back so I'm not sure how that would effect it. In my case there is no exhaust back there to get in the way.
Yeah it is drop leaf and block
1 - 3 of 177 Posts
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