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N-FAB nerf bars

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Hey guy's need your help. I'm looking for N-FAB nerf bars where can I get some or what is the closest fit from another truck that I can modify? Please post pictures if you guys have any. Thanks
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They dont make them for our trucks. The toyota ones would prob be closest depending on your cab configuration. Still alot of money to buy them and have to fab your own brackets to mount them and then paint or re-powdercoat. But its your money, good luck!
Thanks buddy money ain't a problem though when you really want something.
Well shoot then, take your truck to them and have them custom build you a pair! They are in Houston.

As a matter of fact, have them make me a pair too for a crew cab while you're there...
At that point, just get some super sliders, or even better yet, fab your own. That's what I'll be doing for mine eventually.
Didn't wanted to get to that point of fabricating them but mabey I will have too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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