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I was wondering if anybody here would be intrested in doing a couple of photoshop projects for my 60-66 truck group called Oklahoma 60-66 Chevy/GMC trucks.

We need a couple of renderings to use right now for our FB group then later stickers & T-shirts. I dont really have a way to pay anybody so if they wanted to do it for the fun of it then maybe when we get shirts printed on down the road i could hook up a free shirt as payment or we can work something else out.

The 1st chop is pretty specific I need our Highway signs changed to have the Oklahoma outline with 60-66 for the numbers

The second design just needs to be whatever you come up with that I like best using these trucks and something related to the state Oklahoma

in my 60-66 photobucket album you will find about every kind of 60-66 chevy, GMC truck, panel, suburban, firetruck,milk truck, school bus there is for an example.

Thank you in advance I know there are some photoshop pros on the nation that can do a great job
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