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Great to hear that WV NATIVE, thanks for the reply.
Taking this one step further, just to learn something today, if camber bolts were frozen in place making a FEA impossible to do would replacing the UAC be an option so camber/caster could be adjusted? Of course, that depends on the pins fitting solidly in place in the bracket so the cam could ride in there. Just saw a video where the bolts seized in the bushing sleeve and had to be cut out. Not a great situation to be in.
I had my camber bolts seize up and had to fight to get them out. I was lucky and they finally yielded.

If I was forced to cut the bolts I would probably replace the factory upper control arms just to get better bushings. Of course, I greased up the bolts really good before replacing them.

I installed a set of MMW upper control arms and found their bushings to be far superior to the factory ones. I had a clinking sound that I tracked down to the factory bushings and the MMW fixed that problem.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts