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Need help with true dual exhaust with headers on a 4x4

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I'm about to order some ottp headers, mufflers, high flow cats and tips. I'm thinking about placing the cats where the secondaries are with the 02 sensors behind them with wire extensions. I want it to be full stainless mandrel bent 2.5 tubing with an X pipe. Maybe some flex pipes in the difficult bends.

Every time I try to get a price quoted, I'm displeased with the outcome. Some don't want to touch it because of emissions, lack of space, stainless vs their aluminized crap. I did find a shop willing to do it but also not a great choice. They want to charge me $22 a foot of stainless with a labor cost over $1k. No fucking way. I can find kits online for around $300 - $400.

Would it be Ok to piece it all together with just clamps? I've seen jeeps in the Jeep forums with the whole exhaust system clamped w/o problems, even with offroad use. My brother has a mig welder, so welding the hangers and bungs won't be a problem.

Does anyone have a true dual system with ottp headers on a 4x4? What's your price tag? What's a good stainless tube kit that will fit my application? I want to be able to pass emissions in case i move somewhere else.

Is 1000 a reasonable cost for the labor?
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I fabbed my own exhaust back when I had headers. I used a Flowmaster universal 2.5" exhaust kit #815936. It has everything you need for a true dual 2.5" system on our trucks. The pipes are flared on one end for a slip fit which can be sealed tightly with 2.5" lap-joint band clamps. You will definitely have to make some cuts for length/bends, so if you want to stay weld-free you can take the cut pieces to a muffler shop and have them flared for like $2 a piece.

I think my "fabbing a t70 turbo kit" thread has pics of my truck with the bed off so you can see the back end of my old system. I still have that system in the back yard if you want me to take a pic of the basic layout.

$1000 is an absurd price to fab a kit when they want $22 a foot for the pipe on top of that! You can get polished 2.5" T304 stainless, straight or mandrel bent for about $10/ft at The Flowmaster kit is around $380 and probably has 30 ft of pipe.

It took about 3 hours for me to cut, fit and weld in my system with truck on a lift. And that includes installing the headers.
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I showed him how my exhaust flange is leaking. He said that it's supposed to leak there. I'm like really? No way gm is going to let exhaust leak in a spot where it can enter the cab. The leak is from another exhaust shop that did the muffler swap. I took it back 2 times so they can fix their leaky welds and the they told me it's supposed to leak. I just have some really shitty luck with exhaust shops.
It should not make a diff 4X4 or 2X4 to do an exh sys, pipe is pipe bend is bend.
I had my headers installed at the muffler shop and 2 1/2" dual's. I supplied
the X pipe, 6" flexs and 2 mufflers. 6 1/2 hr's $600.00 + $20.00 tip
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