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Need lift advice

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Hey Im new here and I got a 05 colorado ext cab z71 2wd not to long back and want to lift it. Im new to lifting and im not sure where to start but my goal is to be able to fit 34s. I really dont want to spend 1400 on a single suspension kit so any suggestions on how i could do it are really appreciated. And if 34s wouldnt work then how could i do it with 33s? The higher the better :D Thanks
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You won't fit 34" tires without a full subframe lift.

You can get 33x10.5" to fit with little hassle. Probably just torsion bar lift and shackles.

I take that back...if you have a saw and aren't afraid to use it then you can probably get 34's.
The old 3.5 you have is probably mated to a high rear end ratio (3.42?) which means it will drive for crap, if you care about that. You have to check the axle code to know what rear end you have. I don't recall the codes....somebody can share that with you though. There are 3 codes representing the axle ratio that will be posted.

You MIGHT have 3.73's because you're driving a Z71 which means it will be marginally better but will still suck.

I know you didn't ask for that, but it doesn't sound like you're aware of those things anyway.
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You can run a 33 with crank and shackles and a body lift. But you still may rub on the body mount. 34's would require a lot of cutting or a subframe lift + body lift or a bunch of crank. Being you are a 2wd Z71, and you are an 05 you probably have a 3.42 gear. If you go to 34's you need more gear and more power, ie a tune to your 3.5. I have the same truck as you and I have the tune, but would need to jump to 4.10 gears if I went up anymore in tire size. I currently run 32" BFG all terrains, a "crank" with reindexed keys, and shackles.
We all have to start somewhere and a couple of good responses above w/advice. I wanted to add a couple of suggestions:

(1). Invest in a quality set of tools.
(2). Get a service manual for your vehicle
(3). Don't cut corners w/parts or chopping
(4). Get a decent lift kit (suspension's better, but body works).
(5). When in doubt, ask a professional.

Good luck w/your project and keep us updated on progress.
(2). Get a service manual for your vehicle
I thought that's what the nation was?? :shrug:

Anyways, yes. Get a tune, get better gears. You can do a LOT with a Z71, some things requiring more work than others.

Go check out my build thread...everything is detailed in the first post. I'm 4wd, but also a z71 so we share the same suspension setup. I went through exactly what you're talking about wanting.
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