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So i just bought a pair of hella 500 and converted them using a 55w 5000k kit from ddm... anyway the lights work, but i cant seem to mount them very securely... I tried them behing my grill, but it blocked way too much light so i tried to build a bracket to mount them in front of the grill... i was able to build it, but the lights bounce around a lot. I guess what im asking is for advice on how to better mount them (preferably making use of the bracket i already built)... on to the pics...

and here is how they are mounted...

there is a piece of steel behind the grill that is connected using the two top bumper bolts and then there are 2 t brackets bolted to that piece that extend to in front of the grill. and in front of the grill the lights are mounted with the brace horizontally bolted to a piece of angle iron that is bolted to the t brackets...

any help is appreciated,

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I would put some small hole through the bumper in the back under the grill cover and bolt it to that it flexs a lot less then the core support that I could bend with my hand in some place. Not a very supportive place to mount something you don't want to vibrate.
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