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New Colorado owner from Ohio

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Haven't been around long on the site as I just bought my 08 Colorado last Monday (Merry Christmas to me?!)
Lots of plans I would like to do to the truck. Just finished installing Alpine Double-D. Next project will probably be remove plastic bedliner and get Rhinoliner or equivalent.
LED upgrades are up there on the list as well.

Found plenty of useful tips and advice in a week and a half of looking around.

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best thing to do is check out the services that Supermodulation has to offer, great guy, and amazing products.
Greetings/welcome from East-Central NE...sit down, log-in & enjoy the ride!!!
:welcome2: where you at in ohio?
Howdy neighbor!
That's a nice Christmas present
where you at in ohio?
Silver, just north of Columbus

welcome, I've been away, holidays were rough this time (my dad passing away didn't help none what so ever)

(update on myself: still got my Colorado, not gonna get rid of it, (NEVER!!), sold my black Camaro to focus on finishing my '70 Z28, which is sitting on jack-stands till I get it trailered over to my fabricator for some frame work and changed to the rear-suspension)
:welcome2: Welcome to the Nation OHIO..................
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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